Spencer Barriball



I'm Spencer Barriball

My love affair with computers started in 1981 when I began programming BASIC on a Sinclair ZX81. Throughout my career I've used many different languages, frameworks and I mainly now use Python and the usual web technologies.

I created this site using Django as I thought it would be nice to see a Python blog written in a Python framework! My intention is over time to build up some lessons and impart some of my knowledge to help people. I work full-time as a Django developer and additionally work part-time as a code mentor for Code Institute.

I love opensource, coding and learning new things.



Web Design

I'm not classically trained though I've worked with many and picked up lots of good practices over the years. I love the challenge of getting a design just-so.


My bread and butter! Degree qualified in computer science and I have developed on large government websites as well as big and small commercial projects.


Built online shops using Shopify and also used different frameworks such as PrestaShop and Magneto. Have custom hand coded them too.

Mobile First

I can build 'mobile first' websites for the smallest screens. It is one of the best strategies to create either a responsive or adaptive design.

Search Engine Optimisation

Both on and off page optimisation in very successful campaigns in tough competitive markets. I've also managed pay per click for clients.

Mentor Support

I love sharing my knowledge with other people. If you want to know not just WHAT to do, but also how and why it works, we'll be a great match.

"Spencer is simply a brilliant tutor. So very encouraging, professional and supportive. Always gives me confidence and provides good suggestions on improvements and alternatives to things I've thought of which I like!"

Lucy, Netherlands

Employment - CV is available here