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So you want a Shiba Inu?

By Spencer Barriball
Published in Pets
December 12, 2021
2 min read
So you want a Shiba Inu?

You’ve seen them online and they conjure up images of Japan, Dogecoin and family cuteness and you think you yourself ‘i gotta get me one of those freaking cool dogs…‘. If so please wait cause you may have just in one simple decision ruined you life, friendships, even your soul.

These small bundles-o-fun are smart, conniving and spend most of their day either thinking how they will manipulate you, or dreaming about how they are going to do it. Shiba Inus are not really dogs, least not like any type of dog you may have come across. They are one of if not the oldest breed of dog known to mankind and one of the closest genetically to a wolf of any dog breed. The only way I can describe them is they are a dog for someone who would prefer a cat, i dunno maybe you allergic to cats but would love one - get one of these! They are fiercely independent and anything you do if they decide to grace you with their presence will just look at what you’re doing and look very unimpressed and even perhaps shake their head in disapproval. Whatever you do they can do it better.

This is what my relationship with Lola, my Shiba Inu was like for the first three years, then we went through a period of begrudgingly putting up with other and a year after that she’s now decided that I’m her human. She screams in delight when I return home, when I get up; she is the most neurotic ‘person’ I’ve ever come across and now I love her to bits.

Before you get one here are seven things you ought to know:

  1. They moult loads, usually twice a year and each one lasts for about two months. An unbelievable amount of hair for something so small.
  2. They are highly intelligent and very independent. This means that they aren’t like a collie (highly intelligent) that will go out their way to please their owner, no Shiba Inus have to want to do what you are asking them and will often thwart your plans and even try to train you instead!
  3. They are thinkers, you can often see them assessing any situation they are in - never cross a Shiba Inu they have the memory of an elephant and won’t ever forgive you.
  4. Many people when you are out walking will come up and say ‘Is that a fox?’ or ‘oh wow, is that a Shiba Inu? I’ve never seen one in real life before’. Going places can take up to double the time due to this.
  5. I don’t know if it’s just Lola though she love tea, i mean really loves tea to the point of asking for it every couple of hours. She is very particular about it, it has to be just right and served in a ceremony that would make a Geisha proud.
  6. They can live up-to 26 years and in fact in 2010 held the record for longest living dog in the Guinness Book of Records - so you are in for the long haul!
  7. Being an ancient breed means they haven’;t had their genetics messed around with and are therefore usually very robust.

If you still decide to go ahead and get one I definitely recommend you take them to puppy training and start as you mean to go on - else they will run circles around you. Good luck!


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